Our Products

Over the years, TMS Associates, Inc. has developed and delivered cutting edge solutions to the commercial markets by leveraging the power of the web for small business.  These solutions are provided to our commercial clients under a 'Hosted-Services' model.


DOCS41 is a web-based Medical Practice Management System that services small and medium sized medical practices, clinics and rehabilitation centers with an end-to-end process management and billing solution.  This product was introduced in  2002 and is currently one of the most comprehensive solutions for both General and Specialty medical practices.

Among the core features of this product are:

  1. end-to-end business process management
  2. appointment scheduling with email and pager alert reminders
  3. electronic claims process with over 1000 insurance carriers
  4. integrated electronic claims management
  5. HIPAA compliance

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MyDonations is a web-based application developed to assist small and medium sized 501(c)3 compliant non-profit organizations. 

Most non-profit organizations rely heavily on the support of volunteers in the raising and management of funds.  At the end of the year, they issue statements to donors for the contributions received from them during the tax year for tax deductibility purposes.

TMS Associates saw an opportunity to provide a valuable service to the non-profit organizations, which in turn would help the organizations deliver their best services to the communities they serve.  

MyDonations.com went production in 2004 and is presently serving a variety of organizations with fund-raising efforts, management of ticket sales for charity events, convention management and donations.

This application has been welcomed by numerous non-profit organizations as a time-saving and valuable tool.

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